Hi! I'm MAYI CARLES, a tiny Panamanian artist with a T-Rex heart making a living on the Internet by being myself + owning my weird + sharing the lesson's I've learned along the way, including the messy middle.

Whether you’ve hit a plateau + you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the incompletes in your checklist + you’re looking for a smarter way to get where you want to go or you're simply in need of a friend who gets it, I'm here, as your personal pocket-size cheerleader to help you transform your hiccups into a story of triumph.

My flagship course Life is Messy Bootcamp has helped 7,000+ save-the-world-in-pajamas types take their brilliant ideas from lightbulb to done + reclaim their neglected bucket lists + turn their multiple curiosities into a healthy money-making business.

Studied Art in Scuola Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy. Received a dual Bachelor degree in Communication Studies + Art Theory and Practice with a minor in Art History from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Completed a Masters in Art in Visual and Critical Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois.

I've been featured on the cover of HOLA Magazine + U.S News + Huffington Post + CreativeLive + ArtfulBlogging + almost all predominant local publications. And have also collaborated with world-renowned brands like Roxy + Kielh's + Kate Spade NY.

I currently live in tropical paradise with the love of my life David + our beautiful baby girl Olivia, and work in a lil' nook of a studio filled with children's books + bunting flags + vintage toys + party props.  




Here are 21 things about me that you won't find by Googling my name: 

  1. I call my mom everyday.
  2. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an immigrations officer so I could stamp for a living. But! When I realized the job involved wearing that hideous uniform, I quickly changed my mind.
  3. Some days I eat salads + conquer the elliptic machine. Other times, I have an entire pizza all to myself + refuse to get out of my pajamas. It's called balance.
  4. I’m T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D of lizards.
  5. My best ideas come in the shower, while I'm winning arguments in my head.
  6. I watched too much Pinky and the Brain when I was little, hence the WORLD DOMINATION inclinations.
  7. People who drill on the weekends make me grumpy.
  8. Anyone that doesn't agree with leggings as pants can physically fight me. And I'm gonna win because I have a full Kung Fu Panda range of motion due to the fact that I'm wearing leggings as pants. Ka-POW!
  9. This is me on the car: Plays music. Sings lyrics. Sings backup vocals. Sings guitar riffs. Plays the drums with the stirring wheel. Head bangs. Moves hips like Shakira. I don't sing. I perform.
  10. My patronus is a unicorn.
  11. When someone is mean, I get this sudden urge to release glitter into the sky above their head + watch it shower over them like a baptism of kindness.
  12. One time, I illegally crossed the Canadian border inside a trash bucket.
  13. I have no tolerance for critics who sit outside of the ring. See something you think you can do better? For the love of all things holy, DO IT. Do it + share it with us. Otherwise, shush your pie whole.
  14. I have never been able to understand what prompts people to take a drug to make a sunset more enchanting or a song more perfect. I really don't get it. Life, real life, has always been enough for me.
  15. I’ve always been slightly frightened of elevator doors.
  16. I carry a San Benito medal in my wallet to protect me from evil spirits.
  17. I like people who don't fit inside a box or stay between the lines, but who's integrity is greater than any rule book. My kind of people.
  18. I respond to WhatsApp messages in my head all the time. Weeks can go by before I realize I didn't actually respond, like in real life. I'm working on that.
  19. I'm an obsessive list maker + avid checkmarker. I often jot down a task I've just completed just so I can get the immediate satisfaction of crossing it off. There. I said it. Sue me!
  20. I don't understand how people call half a square of dark chocolate a "treat" or "splurge". If left unsupervised, I could eat an entire batch of red velvet cupcakes. Now that's a treat!
  21. Sometimes I just need hubby to hug me + say "I know it's hard. Everything is gonna be alright. I love you. Here's 6 million dollars."