Mayic Sessions

Mayic Sessions


I help girl bosses make a living on the internet by owning their weird. 

Maybe you're a toy maker + a yoga instructor + a magician + a cupcake baker + a wedding photographer + a plant-based chef + an artisan + a storyteller or a mommy blogger.

Maybe you need help figuring out what to do next or how to finish what you started.

Maybe you need a cheerleader that refuses to let you play small or slack off.

Maybe you need a saavy pair of eyes that can tell you exactly how the market is interpreting your brand.

Maybe you're at the verge of something epic + you need help teasing out the step-by-step plan to take your there.

Is that you? Then...



  • Figure out what makes you and your offer different.
  • Map out the next steps so you don't get side-tracked by shiny unicorns.
  • Drag you to the finish line, if I need to.
  • Fine tune your next BIG idea, so it's ready to launch.
  • Craft a project master plan to take you from research mode to done.
  • Brainstorm money-making streams to maximize your piggy bank.



  • I have magic powers. Not sure I can prove it scientifically, but I truly have a gift for untangling "The Next Big Thing" in you.
  • I don't do one size fits all. No copy-paste coaching models or cookie cutter formulas, there are plenty of those already in the interwebs. My sessions are 100% tailor made for your one of a kind needs.
  • I get it. I know what it's like to be afraid - afraid of what people think + afraid of rejection + afraid of picking only one idea from the million others swimming in my head. I know because I'm constantly afraid too, but I know how to live + leap in spite of the fear. I want to show you how.
  • I hate boring. Pay to yawn? Are you freaking kidding me? Never under my wand.
  • I tell it like it is, with no Splenda coating crap on the side. I ask tough questions + urge on action, because preparing you for the big world stage is my numero uno priority.
  • I show you da' money. The starving artist syndrome sucks + waiting for your big break isn't much fun either. Let me do my thing + show you exactly what you need to do (or stop doing) to run a highly profitable creative business.
  • I hand-pick my Padawan learnersNotice I don't offer these sessions publicly? Don't promote them. There are not available anywhere on my site. That's because my one-on-one jams are a very exclusive, by invitation only affair. Consider yourself very special, and loved. I believe our paths crossed for a reason, and I'm pumped for us to work together.



Get a little nervous booking services online? Not a problem. I can run the play-by-play of how this works: 

  1. As soon as you book your Mayic Session, you'll get an e-mail from me with a quick Kick Start Survey, which will help us make the most out of our time together. 
  2. As soon as you submit your answers, we sync our calendars + figure out the best time to meet.
  3. Before our call, I'll be doing my smarty pants research + warming up my ninja moves.
  4. We hold our Mayic Session (in person or via Google Hangouts), and jam for approximately an hour. We'll demolish + polish + refine, kinda like those reality extreme makeover editions, but on steroids. A game plan for supersonic world domination is included, not sold separately.
  5. Then you go forth + shine, like stars do!